Mikel Arteta on the conversation with Sir Alex Ferguson

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Mikel Arteta on the conversation with Sir Alex Ferguson

Mikel Arteta and his team are the main candidates to win the Premier League. Although no one could have guessed before the start of the season that Arsenal would be a team that would fight for the title, the London team convinced them of the opposite.

The Spanish expert is considered by many to be the best coach this season. He revived the team, brought in several important players, and worked with those who did not perform as expected. Many believe that Arteta could be the next Sir Alex Ferguson, although it is too ambitious to talk about that for now.

A few days ago, Arteta spoke about his conversation with Sir Alex Ferguson, from whom he learned a lot. “I have had a few conversations with Sir Alex, not formally, just with people around him and it was more listening than talking obviously,” Arteta said, as quoted by manchestereveningnews.

“What really captured me was his presence, his charisma, the way he talked and how honest and brutal he was about certain opinions that he had about the game and players”.

Mikel Arteta

Mikel Arteta talked about his team and the formula for success.

It seems that every player has faith in the team and himself, and that's a winning recipe. “We haven’t been streetwise enough in the last many years to be in the title race. It’s something we have to show we can do.

But words mean nothing, we have to do it on the pitch. Having that balance of physical and mental strength and having those qualities in the squad is necessary. To have the mentality and capacity to control emotions that are required to play on big stages is very necessary.

The physical aspect is necessary — without that you cannot compete over 11 months in the conditions in which we work. We have tried to build a team that has everything”. We will see if Arsenal have the strength to go to the very end.