Alex Iwobi: Pressure is nothing new to us

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Alex Iwobi: Pressure is nothing new to us

Everton is not looking good this season. The defeat against West Ham worried the leaders of this club even more and they will have to change some things. Everton is one of the clubs that could end up in the Championship, and that would be a big shock for a club of such renown.

Everton's winger, Alex Iwobi, criticized the team's performance. However, the Nigerian believes that Everton will improve as the season continues. “The ownership is on us as a team, we attack and defend together. We still have half the season left and a lot of improvement to do,” Iwobi told Sky Sports.
"Lampard made a few changes after the break, told us to keep pushing and be more dynamic."

Alex Iwobi: "(Pressure) is nothing new to us"

Iwobi is not worried about the pressure his team is under.

There are many experienced players, as well as young players. Everton was in the same situation earlier, but they managed to survive in the end. This time it will be even more difficult, but there is no shortage of optimism. "(Pressure) is nothing new to us, we were in the same situation last season.

We have a break coming up and we have to regroup.
"It is not just the manager who takes responsibility, the players are fighting for him and the club."
Everton could not impose their tempo. West Ham looked much better, the players were more motivated, and this ultimately resulted in a victory for the London club.

“We were unfortunate not to get the result, we keep pushing but it wasn't our day. If we don't take our chances we will get punished,” Iwobi said.
"We discussed about getting on top of them because they are in the same situation as us but unfortunately it was not the case”.

The Premier League looked quite exciting this season. There are many strong teams, and in the end the little things will decide. An interesting end awaits us.