Graham Potter on new transfers: I don't decide everything

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Graham Potter on new transfers: I don't decide everything
Graham Potter on new transfers: I don't decide everything (Provided by Sport World News)

Graham Potter has not yet fulfilled what was expected of him. However, it is too early to make predictions about anything or expect Potter to fix everything. However, the fans are impatient and want Chelsea to show the game that is expected of them.

During the winter transfer window, Chelsea is quite active and they brought in several reinforcements. The three most famous are Mykhaylo Mudryk, Benoit Badiashile, and Noni Madueke. Reporters were interested in whether Potter had the 'main word' regarding the reinforcements.

“I don’t think it’s as simple as saying they’re mine,”-he told BT Sport.
“For the head coach, it’s very difficult to also have command over these targets and have a list of players that are ‘yours’." Graham believes that the most important thing is to show unity.

"I think my job is to support the club, which is a recruitment team, ownership group, whether it’s transfers, daily environment, or winning matches.
It’s a club, we’re trying to win together as a club. Whilst I have an input on everything, I’m not the guy that sits in a room and decides everything”.

Chelsea and their performances

Many are wondering when Chelsea will start playing as expected. Potter replied: “It’s not my job to guess how long it takes. If you look around at our competitors, you can see a story at Manchester City, at Arsenal, at Liverpool and there are varying timescales there.
It’s about taking steps all the time, trying to improve, trying to keep building and then you can get yourself to a point where you can be who you want to be and compete for every trophy”.

The English expert is ready for criticism and could have expected it. “Journalists have to put articles out, sometimes you would like them to be balanced and fair, but sometimes it’s about headlines and the more contentious it is, the more clicks it gets,” Potter said.
“That’s just the way the world is at the moment and social media, we’re still trying to work out the effects of that.

I think there’s always been a silent majority and there’s a noisy minority. You understand that there’s always people out there who won’t like you”.

Graham Potter