Rio Ferdinand: You can't expect Graham Potter to fix everything in a short time

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Rio Ferdinand: You can't expect Graham Potter to fix everything in a short time

Chelsea played a match against Liverpool today, which ended 1-1. Chelsea is in poor form this season and will fight to the end for the Champions League. The new coach, Graham Potter, is under a lot of pressure, as many expected him to change things.

However, Rio Ferdinand believes that Graham is a great coach who needs some time. "I think the new owners are coming in and they’re going to have a reset with this football club, in terms of the culture and the way they deal with managers, not looking at short-term fixes,”-Rio Ferdinand told BT Sport.

“I think Graham Potter, the appointment of him signals that. He’s somebody you can see in the past with what he did at Brighton, it was three seasons before he had a real improvement and change in the way their fortunes were going."

Rio Ferdinand

Ferdinand believes that no one can change things in such a short period of time.

“To expect him to come here and change it immediately, I think it would be criminal to do that. Especially with the amount of new signings coming through the door.
I think it would be difficult for any manager to come in here and change things dramatically over a short period of time with that amount of players coming in”.

Steven Gerrard believes that Chelsea should let one manager work for the long term. “When you sign a new player, you’ve got to give him assurances about your style,”-Steven Gerrard said.
“The reason he’s probably signing for you is because you’ve convinced him that Chelsea’s the big picture, you’re the manager for him, you’re going to develop him over a period of time.
But if you’re changing your manager every six months, every 12 months, the players are going to be all over the place as well”.