Who are the new talents of the Champions League?

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Who are the new talents of the Champions League?

There is no bigger and brighter stage than the one offered by the Champions League and there is no better place where you can make the football world admire you. In the sea of ​​football players of the highest class and quality, every year a naked bearded teenager emerges who will ignite the European public and in the transitional period that follows, force the greats to fight for his signature.

In his debut season in the elite competition, Erling Halland scored when he arrived in the Salzburg jersey, and then Borussia Dortmund, who bought him last winter, scored a combined goal of ten goals. A few hours before recognizable flies will fly again in stadiums across the Old Continent, we wonder who could ignite the Champions League.

Eduardo Camavinga The most resonant name among a large number of talents. Because when Real Madrid puts you at the top of the wish list, it can't be otherwise. At 16 years and four months, Eduardo Camavinga made his debut in Ligue 1, at 17 and eight months he became the youngest debutant of the French national team since World War II and very quickly became the second youngest scorer in the history of the national team with scissors.

The time has come for him to make his debut in the Champions League, and he can't even legally pay the ticket. Incredible physical predispositions for a teenager, long stride, great movement, sacrifice for the team, ability to quickly recover the ball.

Last season, he had the most starts (105) in League 1, and he was in the lead in terms of success in that segment (65). With the arrival of Stephen Nzonzi on loan from Roma, he is partially relieved of doing dirty work and will have more opportunities to demonstrate creative and attacking qualities.

After seven rounds of the French championship, he has a goal and an assist.

Mason Grenwood

In recent weeks, he has stood out more with scandals than goals. Gareth Southgate, together with Phil Foden, at least for a while deleted him from the list of the national team due to quarantine violations.

But when we leave the discipline aside, Mason Greenwood is still the pearl of the Red Devils - he confirmed that in the previous season, when he scored 19 and scored five goals in 51 games in all competitions. At the age of 17 years and 353 days, he became the youngest United scorer in European competitions.

So far, he has been used as a classic nine and another striker, and Ole Gunnar Solskjer has been moving him more to the right lately. "His left leg is stronger, but it is natural for him to take one penalty with his left foot and the other with his right foot," is what Ole thinks about Greenwood's shooting arsenal.

Jude Bellingham (Borussia Dortmund) The most expensive teenager in the history of Borussia Dortmund (23,000,000), more expensive even than Erling Halland. The millionaires beat Manchester United in the race for his signature, and it could turn out to be a new English super talent for whom the greats from Manchester will cry Last season, he became the youngest football player (16 years and 63 days) to score a goal in the professional ranks of English football, since Jordan Ibe, who held the record since 2011.

Bellingham manages best in the position of central midfielder, although he can also play on the sidelines. It is extremely difficult to take ball from him, and he is great when he has to take it away from his rival. He is a complete, aggressive player, with good vision, a pass, a shot.

Birmingham was certainly in a hurry when he pulled the jersey with the wrestling 22 worn by Bellingham, because he has a whole career on it during which he should justify the title of one of the most talented teenagers of today.

He is still waiting for his debut goal in the Bundesliga, and we will see how he will manage in the Champions League in the group with Zenit, Club Brugge and Lazio.