Gary Neville on Sir Jim Ratcliffe and his takeover bid


Gary Neville on Sir Jim Ratcliffe and his takeover bid

Sir Jim Ratcliffe is being mentioned more and more as the new owner of Manchester United. However, the question is how realistic it is at the moment. Ratcliffe is a man who has been associated with United for some time, and the Glazers must think carefully about who will succeed them.

Garry Neville expects Ratcliffe to do an excellent job if he becomes the owner, but he is still cautious. “The main thing is that the Glazers leave as quickly as possible and the second thing is that whoever takes it over, if they could hand it over to people who are in good hands and have a feeling for the club, that would be great,” Neville said for Sky Sports.

“Jim Ratcliffe was born in Manchester and knows the area. If he wins it, I think there will be a lot of very happy Manchester United fans. He would want to do the right thing by the club - in fact I am sure that he would.

That’s the main thing beyond the Glazers leaving, that they don’t hand it over…I don’t think United can hand it over to another investment firm who are expecting a return on their money. That’s what worries me a little bit about private enquiry coming into football and that ultimately, they are looking for a return on their money and a return on their investment."


The former Manchester United right-back expects the new owners to invest huge money and help the club return to its former glory.

“If that’s the case, it could mean that United aren’t in a similar place to where this club [ Manchester City ] are here, or Newcastle with benefactors who are happy to live debt free, not have interest payments, not leverage debt against the club.

Manchester United need to be a debt-free football club, with someone who’s willing to put money in”. The Glazers will demand huge money for the famous club. “The problem is the price is going to be big and you’re going to need deep pockets.

Whether Jim will need to bring people with him, I don’t know. But I’m hopeful that can happen, but it could be any number of buyers, it’s not going to be just Jim Ratcliffe bidding to buy this football club.

Gary Neville