Andrea Agnelli greets Juventus: it's the end of an era

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Andrea Agnelli greets Juventus: it's the end of an era

Andrea Agnelli, during his last speech as president during the Juventus shareholders' meeting, greeted the Italian club and claimed all the successes achieved during his chairmanships. Agnelli will remain on the board of Giovanni Agnelli BV, the holding company that holds the majority of Exor.

Former Juventus chairman told: "Before starting work, I wanted to say that in the dressing room corridor there are photos of the captains up to Buffon and Chiellini. In the last few days we have lost two captains Ernesto Castano and Gianluca Vialli.

I'm taking a step back, I will leave the board of all listed companies. It's my personal decision, which I took in agreement with John, with whom the relationship remains very close, AjaY Banga and Tavares. It is my will to face the future as a blank page.

Having closed such an important part of my life, my will is to turn the page to be able to start again with enthusiasm and passion, naturally after a few days of vacation. With the meetings of listed companies, in which I participate as a director, I will take a step back.

It was my request, it is my will after such an intense period, to be able to face the future as a blank page, free and strong. The step back from listed companies is indispensable to have a freedom of thought, an intellectual freedom that I otherwise wouldn't have.

My wife and my children were the fundamental part on which I leaned. I can't wait to start again insi heme. I love you till the end.

A chapter in the history of Juventus closes, mine and Pavel Nedved's, which lasted almost 13 years.

A chapter that today we find it hard to read. I can't hide the emotion. My job was to try to understand the context, indicate the strategic direction of the company. When we talk about football, what are we actually talking about? Football is part of the entertainment industry, a $750 billion industry of which $43 billion is in soccer.

An industry that includes gaming, museums, music. What are the most suitable solutions for our industry? We are a media company, the contents are strategic. But we have governance shortcomings. In recent years, Chelsea has been sold for 3 billion, Milan for 1 billion, 47% Atalanta has changed hands.

It makes us wonder who the buyers of these companies are: sovereign wealth funds, consortia, private funds. In Serie A we have received offers for the transfer of a percentage of the League. We started from City which has 11 clubs and we see Red Bull or Red Birds or 777.

Multi club ownership is a new phenomenon. Interest in football is more alive than ever. I don't think these entities are NGOs... There must clearly be strong interest from investors. But there is no real answer in our governors, who do not understand the difference between a game and an industry."