Patrick Vieira: I think Manchester United can be in a title race

“It’s a different United [to the one we beat last season]"

by Sead Dedovic
Patrick Vieira: I think Manchester United can be in a title race

Patrick Vieira and his team will have a difficult task. Manchester United will be their opponent, and the Frenchman is aware that it will be a difficult task. “When you look at the last couple of games [Manchester United have] played, the number of wins they had and how close they are to the top [of the table], I think they can be [in a title race],” said Vieira, as quoted by “It’s a different United [to the one we beat last season].

What will be important for us is to play like we did [against Chelsea]: with a lot of intensity and with a lot of discipline. At home, in front of our fans, if we manage to play the kind of game we played [against Chelsea], we will have more chance of winning the game”.

Patrick Vieira on his team

The French expert wants his team to progress. The performance against Chelsea is a good example of how the team should play. He hopes that they can continue at the same pace, or even raise the level of performance.

“We want to improve every aspect of the football club. Look at the performance we had [against Chelsea on Sunday]. In that performance, we showed ambition in the way we want to play the game. We keep working and we keep believing in ourselves, because the chances are there.

I want my players to be more ruthless inside the box and take those chances. When you are on the field, it’s 11 against 11. We went toe-to-toe with Chelsea and we will try to do the same against United. With a little bit of luck, we can score those goals.

We have to compete on the field with the quality, ambition and values we have. We will compete, and this is good for the football club”. Crystal Palace will have a tough challenge, given United's recent form. However, Vieira believes in a win or at least a draw.

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