Piers Morgan: Declan Rice is exactly what we need

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Piers Morgan: Declan Rice is exactly what we need

Declan Rice has been mentioned as a player who could end up at Arsenal. Rice is one of the best defensive midfielders in the Premier League, so it is not surprising that there is so much interest in the English international. Piers Morgan commented on the potential possibility of Rice's arrival.

He thinks it would be a great move. 'If we want to win the league we've got to get serious in this market now and bolster the reserves both in midfield and up front,'- Piers Morgan said as quoted by dailymail.co.uk 'I love Declan Rice.

I've had this conversation with him on Twitter where I've begged him to come before. I think he's exactly what we need. I think that when Arsenal have our first XI starting, including Xhaka and Partey, we look really strong, but if one of those two gets injured, I think we need another big midfield enforcer who can also play a role in attack too.'

Piers Morgan on Declan Rice

Morgan believes that Rice is the ideal player for a club like Arsenal. 'Rice can do everything and he's got that right mentality, the right attitude, I think he's very much an Arteta-style player and I think he would fit absolutely perfectly into our squad.

So Declan, come on, I know you're listening, Declan – come, come to the Emirates. Come and be loved.' Mudryk was one of Arsenal's targets, but in the end he ended up at Chelsea. 'How can this be happening? Ridiculous that Arsenal let this transfer saga drag on so long we've apparently ended up losing him,' Morgan tweeted.

'I'm irrationally annoyed about this Mudryk fiasco. If Arsenal want to win the League this season, we can't faff around for weeks on key targets and then get outflanked/outbid at the last minute. Looks weak. We must buy another top class striker ASAP.'