Antonio Conte: Arsenal and Manchester City are the only ones who can win the league

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Antonio Conte: Arsenal and Manchester City are the only ones who can win the league

Antonio Conte commented on his team's performance against Arsenal. The Italian was not disappointed by the 2-0 defeat and saw many positives. "About the performance, I'm not disappointed. I'm not disappointed because we knew that the game could be really difficult because Arsenal is a really, really strong team and also tonight showed that they deserve to stay top of the league, they deserve to be title contenders," Conte said in his post-game press conference, as quoted by "In my opinion Arsenal and City are the only two teams that can fight for the Premier League this season.

At the same time I'm a bit disappointed for the way we lost. But we created chances to try to score. At the same time we didn't lose our mind, our head. At this point of the game the risk is to lose your head and concede other goals and to finish with a really, really bad defeat.

Instead I think we have to be disappointed for the bad result but at the same time I saw a big effort from my players."

Hugo Lloris

Hugo Lloris made a big mistake when he conceded the first goal. Many immediately decided to criticize the experienced Frenchman.

"In this situation it's always difficult. I think that it's not positive to be focused on only one situation or two situation. Football I know is this and sometimes you can do positive and save many situations positively but honestly I consider Hugo one of the best keepers in the world and it can happen.

It can happen that sometimes you can make a mistake. For sure when there is the mistake of the keeper it is more visible. Hugo for us is a one of the players who is really important for the dressing room, for his personality because we are talking about a player who is one of the best keepers in the world."
Tottenham will be in the game for the top 4 until the very end of the season. An exciting continuation of the season awaits us. Let's see what happens.