Bruno Fernandes: “We look like a team now"

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Bruno Fernandes: “We look like a team now"

The city derby between Manchester United and Manchester City fulfilled the expectations of the fans. In the end, the Red Devils won with a score of 1:2, and Marcus Rashford, who scored the second goal, was especially impressive.

Also, Bruno Fernandes delighted the fans with the first goal. “It was an amazing comeback from the team,” -Bruno Fernandes told BT Sport. “We look like a team now. Some time ago you could see some of us looking a little bit for ourselves, but now you see a proper team that works hard for each other, and it pays”.

Marcus Rashford is delighted with the efforts of his players. Everyone gave their best. “Everyone’s putting a shift in now. Anything is possible”.

Bruno Fernandes on the referee's decision

Bruno Fernandes commented on the referee's decisions.

Many believe that the referee made a mistake considering that Fernandes' goal was allowed, even though Rashford was previously offside. “He doesn’t have any influence because there was nobody close to him,” he said.

“So he doesn’t make any influence on the team-mates to defend. The only one close was the one close to me, so it is what it is. It’s a goal”. The Portuguese does not want to be too optimistic and believes that they must continue at the same pace.

He is aware that new challenges await them and that the season is long. Manchester United has a chance for the title at the moment. An exciting race for the title awaits us until the very end. "That doesn’t matter for us,” he said.

“We have to look forward to the next game. If you don't keep winning they’ll go [City will go more points clear]. We’ll celebrate a big win but from tomorrow our focus has to be on the next game." Pep Guardiola's team now has 2 defeats in a row and it is obvious that they have to change things.