Jurgen Klopp after the defeat against Brighton: I can't remember a worse game

"Of course, we have to be very concerned about it."

by Sead Dedovic
Jurgen Klopp after the defeat against Brighton: I can't remember a worse game

Liverpool played one of the worst games, and they were rightly defeated by Brighton with a score of 3:0. Jurgen Klopp was asked by reporters if he was disappointed and he replied; “Yeah, how can you not be after a game like this?
I cannot stand here and say it didn't happen.

Of course, we have to be very concerned about it."- he said, as quoted by eurosport.com


Brighton looked like a compact team. The Brighton players showed tremendous quality. "Bad. Really bad. I can't remember a worse game,” he said.
“It's not difficult.

Brighton were the better team, it was well deserved. They played really well.
It was a very organised team against a not very organised team. We gave the ball away, the spaces were too big and we couldn't push up. That is obviously not good, especially against a super well-drilled side like Brighton.
They got more confident, and we did the opposite.

I can imagine they are very happy because it was a great performance and we made it too easy in too many moments.
I had an idea to change the formation which was to try help the team. That was the idea. But we never did it properly.
We were always a bit in between and that's the worst thing you can do.

We could have done better but we didn't and that's why it looked the way it did
We need to be creative with the options we have. What I saw today from my team was that they were not really convinced by it. That's it”. His team did not look organized.

The defense was desperate, but the attack was not up to par either. “The same players played outstanding football matches but if things aren't properly organised then it can look like that,” he said.
“We were always a bit late and things like this.

If you don't win key challenges and lose the ball too easily they are the two worst things that can happen in football. There is no formation that can solve that."

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