Handanovic broke Gianlucca Pagliuca's record

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Handanovic broke Gianlucca Pagliuca's record

In the previous decade, Inter passed like a roller coaster, recording ups and downs, but one football player was constant in that period. Since arriving at Giuseppe Meazza in 2012, Samir Handanovic has been one of the most prominent individuals in the Nerazzurri jersey.

No outbursts, conspicuous mistakes, but he especially stood out with penalties. The shot from the penalty spot loses the synonym of the big opportunity in Serie A when the Slovenian goalkeeper is on the goal line, which once again turned out to be true in the Derby of Madonna.

Handanovic read Zlatan Ibrahimovic's shot from the penalty spot in the 12th minute, and although the Swede improved after the deduction, the 36-year-old goalkeeper was given another defensive penalty - 25, a record in Serie A.

No one has more than the Inter captain. Until this Saturday, he shared the recognition with the legend of Nerazzurri and the Italian national team, Gianluca Pagliucca, and from now on he is at the top alone. The king of penalties.

At the same time, the Slovenian has played 481 games in the championship since coming to the "boot" in 2004, while Pagliucca recorded 592. To make things even more impressive, Handanović faced 73 penalties in Serie A, which means that he has a success rate of 34.25 , that is, to defend every third shot from the white spot ...

Handanovic on Ibrahimovic

However, Handanovic did not want to talk about the record after the match, since the defeat by the city rival remained in his shadow. "Ibrahimovic did his thing, we were not aggressive enough in realizing the chances we created.

We played well. We have another match on Wednesday and we have to think about it. We were preparing for the derby day and a half. Were we in trouble? We did, but we created a lot of chances, so we left too much space behind. We have to work on the balance, "Handanovic pointed out.

Inter will have to make an extra effort if they want to get a place that leads to the Champions League. It seems that Serie A this season is not as strong as previous seasons and maybe that fact is in their favor. Inter in Serie A expect 2 easier matches: the first game will be played with Genoa, which has no special ambitions and where Inter will have the role of favorites.

This is followed by a match with Parma, which showed that they can be a difficult opponent and that they should not be taken lightly. With the team that Inter has, there are great chances to be among the first four teams, and maybe even to fight for the title, but everything will depend on the players and their motivation.

One thing is for sure: an interesting season in Serie A awaits us and it seems that it will never be as tense as this season