Antonio Conte on Arsenal: They must respect the referees

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Antonio Conte on Arsenal: They must respect the referees

Antonio Conte will have a tough challenge as his team plays the London derby against Arsenal. Tottenham have been playing inconsistently this season. Now they face one of the biggest challenges. Their main rival is currently at the top of the table and looks dominant.

Conte must find a way to win if he wants to fight for the top 4, and maybe even for bigger goals. However, what was the main topic was the frequent criticism from Arsenal regarding the referees and their decisions. Conte doesn't like such moves and believes that referees should not be pressured.

"No but I think that also in an important game like this, the respect is always at the top, OK?
You have to show respect in every situation and especially also with the referee because I know very well the difficulty [it takes] to be a referee, to [make] decisions."- Conte said, as quoted by

Antonio Conte on bad atmosphere: I hate the people that try to do it

The Italian does not like to create a bad atmosphere around referees.

"I think to intimidate [the referee] or to create a bad atmosphere is not fair. I don't like this. I hate the people that try to do it. Don't forget that we are talking always about a game of football." Conte recalled the moment when he served a one-match ban for his behavior near the touchline.

However, he emphasizes that referees should still be respected. "Sometimes it happens in the emotion, I remember very well against Sporting Lisbon, we scored in the 95th minute, and then we stayed five minutes to wait for the VAR decision.
"I was really upset but I never, never lacked the respect of the referee.

Then, he sent me away because I went into the pitch, but I think in every moment, you have to show respect. Don't forget this is football, an incredible sport, and we have to respect each other."