Adama Traore extends his contract with Wolverhampton?

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Adama Traore extends his contract with Wolverhampton?

Adama Traore in trend. The winger of Wolverhampton, after great games in England, shone in the jersey of the Spanish national team and was the first topic in the Pyrenees for days. As it usually happens, speculations about the interest of the biggest clubs in Europe started immediately, but the england media write - there is none of that.

Because the Wolves are on the verge of an agreement on signing a new contract with a 24-year-old player when he is adorned with unusual strength for a football player and athletic explosiveness comes. According to the Sun, the Wolves have prepared a contract for Traore that would bring him 110,000 euros a week.

So, about 5,700,000 euros a year. Twice as much as it has now. And quite enough to reject the interested parties, first of all Barcelona and Liverpool. There are more paid players there, but there are so many that there is no room to bring another "millionaire"

After all, Barça is already "bleeding" with the team regarding the reduction of salaries, and Liverpool is also close to the ceiling. And when we add to all that compensation that would surely be astronomical, it is unlikely that anyone could take Traore from Wolverhampton.

Espirito Santo on Traore

The contract will last for four years, and the Wolves will keep a player who not only contributes to the team with games, but also proves to other potential targets that he is working in an ambitious environment.

"We are not worried about speculations about our players. We know what we need to do. You can see that he is happy in training, and that is the most important thing ", Nuno Espirito Santo, the coach of Wolverhampton said that calmly.

We can't know how realistic his calm is, but it is certain that many clubs are waiting in line for Adam Traore and will follow the development of the situation related to his contract. Traore has shown in the last 2 seasons how good a player he is and how much he brings to a team like Wolverhampton.

He failed to prove himself in Barcelona and Barcelona had no plan to leave him on the team. Now the leaders of Barcelona must regret such a mistake. Traore is one of the best players in the English league and his explosiveness and speed fascinate many football fans.

There’s almost no club that wouldn’t love to see Traore wear their jersey. It will be very difficult for him to stay at a club like Wolverhampton, but we will find out much more in the next transfer windows.