Eddie Howe revealed whether he is afraid of the team he could draw


Eddie Howe revealed whether he is afraid of the team he could draw

Eddie Howe is doing a great job in Newcastle, as they advanced to the semi-finals of the FA Cup after beating Leicester City (2:0). They haven't achieved this kind of success since 1976 when they lost in the final. Howe wants this team to be a fear for many.

“It’s too long, too long a wait. That’s no criticism of anyone that’s tried, but we’re desperate to hurry up the processes and try to get the team successful as quickly as possible."- he said, as quoted by independent.co.uk.

"That’s easier said than done, and we now go to a semi-final. Getting to the semi-final is one thing, but you want to get into the final, you want to experience that. We know we’ll have a huge test ahead of us whoever we get, but we’re just delighted to be in there”.

Reporters were interested in whether Howe was afraid of a team they could draw. "I don’t think fear is the right word. I think we respect whoever is left, but I don’t think fear is right. The two-legged semi-final is a different dynamic, but we’re just looking forward to it at this moment, and we’ll start preparing when the draw is made”.

Eddie Howe and dancing

Burn had an interesting dance. Reporters asked Howe if they could see something similar from him: "Only my wife sees me dance – and she hasn’t seen that for many years. I’m definitely not a dancer – rhythm isn’t my strength”.

The Leicester coach commented on his team's defeat: “Listen, I think the best team won, the best team is through. We knew we had to start better than we did a few weeks ago and the players, to be fair, weathered that storm.

The two goals, the first goal was soft – we’ve got the ball and give it away cheaply and then Dan Burn breaks into the box and scores, 1-0."

Eddie Howe