Alexander Isak on his return: It was difficult to be injured

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Alexander Isak on his return: It was difficult to be injured

Alexander Isak finally played for Newcastle after an injury that kept him off the field for a long time. The Swede is happy about his return but also disappointed about his team's defeat. “It was good to get back and happy to be back,” Isak said, as quoted b

“As always, it takes away the positive things when you lose like this, but it was important for me to get minutes again”. The injury occurred during training for the Swedish national team. Isak is disappointed because of the injury, but he believes that he has to accept such things.

“Yes, I got injured back with the national team [Sweden]. It was my thigh. It can happen that there are complications in the progress. It was difficult. It is something you can’t control, once it has happened. For me, it was to accept it and try to get fit quickly.

It wasn’t that quick but I am happy now. It was frustrating to be injured. When you come to a new club you can’t really be out. But it helped a lot personally that the team has done so well and won most of the games.

That helped and gives you more room to focus on your own recovery”.

Sheffield Wed

Sheffield Wed achieved victory over Newcastle in the 3rd round of the FA Cup. Isak is sad because he thinks that the fans deserved much more.

“I was excited to start against Sheffield, so many fans had travelled but I am a bit gutted that we couldn’t give them anything more,” Isak says. “It is really positive we have a new game on Tuesday to put it right for the fans." However, they should forget about this as soon as possible and focus on the Premier League, where they look great for now.

“Looking at the team inside the dressing room, you can really see we want to bounce back from the Sheffield game. It is positive we have a new chance straight away. I know the team wants to do it. The gaffer was pointing it out too.

After a loss like at the weekend, we have to bounce back. You have seen the quality of this team when we do well. It is a game at a time and try to do well in all competitions that we are still in and see how far we go”.