Tottenham gambled victory against West Ham after a 3-0 lead

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Tottenham gambled victory against West Ham after a 3-0 lead

It does not happen often to Jose Mourinho that after the 3-0 lead, he has to be satisfied with only one point. But he had to be tonight. Brave West Ham returned from the dead and with a bomb by Manuel Lanzini in the last seconds of the game, the match finished 3:3 Mourinho did not have an explanation for the fall in the game of his team, he regretted the missed chances for the fourth goal, but he also congratulated to West Ham "We had the game under control, Harry Kane could have scored the fourth when he hit the post, Bale had a chance to" kill "the game… But this is also football.

Unintentionally, the team started to fall. With Winks, we found balance and control again. And just at that moment, we received the first one and raised their self-confidence. My guys weren’t mentally strong to deal with it.

We lost two points in the last seconds ", said Mourinho after the match.


He especially praised the Czech midfielder, Tomas Soucek. "I told the players to watch out for free-kicks and corners because I knew they were strong in that part of the game.

Moyes found a new Fellaini in Soucek. In the end, they were lucky, but they fought hard for that happiness and they deserve praise. " Asked if he regretted the decision for Gareth Bale to start the match on the bench, Mourinho replied: "I am not.

I think it was good that he didn't start. Not to turn out that a golden armchair in the team is waiting for him and that he can sit in it whenever he wants. It was also a message to the rest of the team. Everyone on this team has to fight for a place.

Bale accepted the whole group very well, everyone loves him, and I think he also loves what he found here. The atmosphere is positive, the focus was not on him but on the game. I didn't think at all about how much time he spent on the bench.

Is 65 minutes, more or less… Too bad he didn't score the fourth goal. It would be a wonderful way to finish the game. " Tottenham fans are certainly furious after a game like this where their players fell in the second half and it is not clear to anyone how they allowed conceding three goals after a furious start.

Tottenham is playing very well this season but the players are not mentally strong enough and Mourinho will have to work on their mental plan. For now, it looks like Tottenham could grab the top four leading to the Champions League, but a lot can happen by the end of the season.