Who will replace Virgil Van Dijk

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Who will replace Virgil Van Dijk

When the situation calmed down and when the passions subsided, it is certain that Jurgen Klopp at least once and at least thought to himself that it would have been better if he had lost the derby to Everton and that Virgil van Dijk remained healthy and intact.

If it weren't for that bloody start of Jordan Pickford ... There is no official confirmation yet, but it is increasingly certain that one of the best central defenders in the world and a key link in Liverpool's defense will have to take a break for several months.

It is not written well, therefore, for the Reds' defensive line, in which Joel Matip and Joe Gomez now remain as CB. They have suffered a few injuries in recent seasons, ie several young central defenders without experience in the Premier League.

Since he brought Van Dijk for 75,000,000 pounds from Southampton, Klopp has not found himself in such a difficult position, so it is not surprising that the England media deal with this topic and ask the question - what now? When will the German transfer to the position of a central defender? "Virgil has played over pain several times, he never wanted to miss the game.

You don't know what kind of injury it is, but what everyone sees is that this doesn't look good at all," Klopp said without that characteristic smile after yesterday's derby. If it turns out that Van Dijk will really have to be off the field for seven, eight months, Klopp could cost a lot of stubbornness and the decision to sell Dejan Lovren without hiring a replacement ...

So let's see what the English say, who will rotate with Gomez and Matip?


If we consider David Alaba to be the best universal player of today, the Brazilian Fabinho could easily be number two. It’s not about stylistically similar players, however by the number of positions they can cover - that’s it.

While still in Monaco, Fabinho played in several positions in the team, including the CB and right back. After all, last month Klopp used him in the derby with Chelsea just as a central defender, paired with Van Dijk. And he was great.

It seems that the Brazilian is the most logical and probably the best solution to replace Van Dijk. JORDAN HENDERSON Hendo is a soldier of the club, he does a great job in the midfield, but he would have no problem going back.

In the place of the central defender, he played significantly fewer games than Fabinho, but behind him is a huge experience with which he can compensate for all the other shortcomings. Henderson played as a central defender together with Van Dijk in the semifinals of the FIFA Club World Cup last December.

After the match, Jurgen Klopp was very satisfied with how he did his part of the job. Alcantara, Wijnaldum, Ox Chamberlain and Nabi Keita would make Hend's absence from the middle not be felt ...