Jesse Lingard on the reasons why he didn't play last season

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Jesse Lingard on the reasons why he didn't play last season

Jesse Lingard is trying to get back to the form he was in during his loan spell at West Ham. The season after that, it looked like Lingard would have a place in the Manchester United team. However.. "I don't know what the problem was, whether it was politics or whatever.

I still haven't got an answer to this day," Lingard told The Telegraph.
"I didn't even ask. I'd rather that someone out of respect for me being there that long told me, 'This is why you're not playing', but I never got that.

It was false promises. I was training hard and I was sharp, I was ready to play ... When you're working hard in training and don't play at the end of it, it's very frustrating."

Jesse Lingard and his season

The previous season was very difficult for him.

He expected much more; That he will have a place in the team, score goals, and prove himself. Despite the fact that he did not play, Lingard was still one of the most 'positive' in the dressing room. "I had to grind out that last year because I knew I'd be on a free transfer.
I'm not really the type of guy to sulk around the dressing room.

I'm always that bubbly character with good vibes.
I was getting on with my training and doing my work, then here and there I'd come on and try to give my best. The last year [at United] was difficult." Jesse Lingard is now currently part of Nottingham Forrest.

His goal is to help the team. "This is another chapter in my life, and a different challenge for me which I wanted," he said.
"It will be an enjoyable one, but we want to win the game. You can't get caught up too much emotionally. It's a chance to say my goodbyes because I never really got that."