Erik ten Haag on Lisandro Martinez's return: He is still celebrating in Argentina

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Erik ten Haag on Lisandro Martinez's return: He is still celebrating in Argentina

One of the players who is of great importance for Manchester United is Lisandro Martinez. The Argentine is still in Argentina, where they are celebrating the title of World Champion. Erik ten Hag commented on the potential arrival of Martinez and he should be available soon.

"I can't answer that question now. He is still celebrating in Argentina, in Buenos Aires,” said Ten Hag for
“He's in a touring car going around Buenos Aires. I can understand that, it's emotional, his emotions are very loaded.

When you achieve this, when you get the World Cup into your country it's magnificent, it's the highest thing you can achieve. But also Lisandro Martínez has to accept that on the 27th [December] the Premier League will go on."

Emiliano Martinez

One of Argentina's players, Emiliano Martinez, disappointed many football fans.

Namely, during the awards ceremony after the final, Martinez took the award and then made an imprudent move. Patrick Vieira commented on the act of the Argentine goalkeeper. “Some of the pictures I saw from the Argentinian goalkeeper, I think, take away a little bit what Argentina achieved at the World Cup,” Vieira said.
“I don’t think they really needed that.

You can’t control sometimes people’s emotional decisions. But that was a stupid decision, I think, from Martinez to do that”. Argentina has been waiting for this kind of success for a long time and they have the right to rejoice after so many years.

Leo Messi lacked this trophy to complete all his achievements. It will certainly be unusual for them to return to the football fields after everything, but life goes on. We have new games coming up, the continuation of the season, and exciting football.

Football is now on a higher level and there are many teams in the game in various championship,