How much money does Lionel Messi make?


How much money does Lionel Messi make?

NetCredit thus wanted to estimate Lionel Messi's income for each sponsor post on his Instagram account. At the moment, considering his huge fan following, Cristiano Ronaldo earns around 2.8 million dollars, or around 2.6 million euros.

Messi earns $1.7 million for every post on his account in which he endorses brands of all kinds. This means that in euros they are more or less 1.5 million euros, almost 1.6. According to Netcredit reports, his net worth is more than $620 million.

Messi wrote on Instagram: "I've dreamed of it so many times, I've wanted it so much that I haven't fallen for it yet, I can't believe it...... Thank you so much to my family, everyone who supports me and also everyone who believed in us.

We prove once again that Argentines when we fight together and united we are able to achieve what we set out to do. The credit goes to this group, which is above individuality, it is the strength of all who fight for the same dream which was also the dream of all Argentines...

We did it!!!" Lionel Messi has taken his national team to the top of the world, something that hasn't happened since the days of Maradona. Messi is also one of the highest paid sportsmen ever Estimates for 2022 in terms of earnings see him in second place among the highest paid sportsmen in the world, ahead of colleagues Neymar and Ronaldo, surpassed only by NBA star LeBron James.

Messi played for Barcelona from 2000 to 2021, and the last contract signed in 2017 provided for a salary of 138 million a year, with the addition of a bonus of over 115 million euros upon signing. To these figures were added further bonuses for the prestigious goals achieved.

Messi left Barcelona in 2021 to move to PSG. The three-year contract provides for 30 million for the first year and 40 for each of the following two years. Messi's various properties also include a hotel near Barcelona, a real estate agency and a sports club in Argentina.

With sponsors, including Adidas, Turkish Airlines, Mastercard and Pepsi, Messi would rake in an additional $30 million each year.

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