Erik ten Hag on his role: "I knew it would be a difficult project"

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Erik ten Hag on his role: "I knew it would be a difficult project"

Erik ten Hag and his team will play against Burnley in tonight's match. The Dutchman, although he is quite good in his previous engagement, believes that Manchester United must be much better. However, he believes that they are going in the right direction.

Tonight is the chance to show their quality. "I knew it would be a difficult project," Ten Hag told the press, as quoted by "Manchester United was not in the circumstances that you would expect of them.
"I think now we’re in the right direction but we’re far away from where we need to be."

Erik ten Hag on his team and mentality

Erik ten Hag believes that the players have the right mentality, but they need to work on a lot more.

The Dutchman is an optimist and is aware that he has a quality team. “I am happy with the way the players perform and the fact they play as a team with the right spirit and the right mentality," the Dutchman said. "But there is always a battle to keep that progress going.

It means keeping the high standards. I always say, satisfaction makes you lazy. If you are too satisfied with yourself and the team, you will not maintain those high standards. It’s up to me to control that and set a good example." Manchester United is a great club that is doing well on its way to getting back to where it belongs.

It will take some time for Erik ten Hag to get things right. No one doubts that the giant from Old Trafford will be as before. Patience, a quality transfer policy, and a management that wants the best for this club are necessary.

If the club has all that, then everyone can believe in a good future. Winter will be another opportunity for the club to solve some things. They need some reinforcements.