Rio Ferdinand on Leo Messi: What a way to finish your international career

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Rio Ferdinand on Leo Messi: What a way to finish your international career

Argentina's victory caused different reactions from many. Rio Ferdinand is one of those who was surprised by what he had to see. "I can tell my grandkids I was here for this final," he said on BBC One. "Not only for Messi to lift the World Cup, but also seeing the next generation in Mbappe.

What a way to finish your international career. I'm begging one of the superstars to decide this game now. He's 35 years old. It's ridiculous!" Alan Shearer was also delighted with the match that will be remembered as one of the best finals.

"It was a pleasure to be here to see it," he said on BBC One. "Thank you to Messi and Mbappe. The way Argentina kept going, the mentality they had to score in terms of the belief. Well done and thank you for entertaining us. It was just unbelievable." Pablo Zabaleta, who played alongside Messi in Argentina, was also in the studio.

He is aware of how much this means to Messi. "It's one of those moments. I was just looking at Messi and I know what it means for the players. Well done to France and Mbappe. Thank you to everyone for that great game, we really enjoyed it."

Pablo Zabaleta

Zabaleta also recalled the moments he spent with Messi.

For many years, Leo has been the main player of his team, both in Argentina and in clubs. "I've been part of that youth team, when Messi came for the first time to play for the national team. He came to represent his country, the passion and the respect.
He has always shown that for his country and we need to respect that.

Everyone is just crying and giving him a big hug because he is one of those players who really, really deserve it so well done.
For our country, we will see a picture of Maradona and Messi, two of the greatest players of all time with the World Cup trophy. That is something so incredible. We are so lucky."