England manager Gareth Southgate remains on the bench!

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England manager Gareth Southgate remains on the bench!

Gareth Southgate will remain England's coach despite the fact that many thought the World Cup would be his last adventure. The FA issued a statement about that; "We are delighted to confirm that Gareth Southgate is continuing as England manager, and will lead our Euro 2024 campaign.

Gareth and Steve Holland have always had our full support, and our planning for the Euros starts now." Gareth Southgate is a man who thinks ahead and makes decisions only when he analyzes things well. It must be admitted that the Englishman has done great things with the team.

Of course, what he lacks is a trophy, but no one doubts that a trophy will come his way. “Look, I've found large parts of the last 18 months difficult," Southgate said, as quoted by mirror.co.uk. "For everything that I've loved about the last few weeks, I still have how things have been for 18 months.

What's been said and what's been written, the night at Wolves [the Hungary defeat], there's lots of things in my head that’s really conflicted at the moment, so what I want to make sure, if it's the right thing to say, is that I've definitely got the energy to do that." “I don't want to be four or five months down the line thinking I've made the wrong call.

It's too important for everybody to get that wrong. After every tournament, I’ve sat with everybody at the FA and talked things through logically and I think that's the right process to go through again”.

Eddie Howe

His colleague, Eddie Howe is happy that Gareth Southgate will stay.

Howe is aware of the kind of coach he is talking about. "I hope Gareth continues the magnificent job he has done," Howe said. "That's my wish for him. My only focus is Newcastle."