Derby between Everton and Liverpool ended in a draw

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Derby between Everton and Liverpool ended in a draw

It was a derby to lick your fingers. True gourmands, right after lunch, were served a treat by Everton and Liverpool and fully satisfied the appetites of Premier League football fans after a two-week break The fact that the fans were not in the stands did not bother to show what they know.

And they know a lot. Caramels are left with a halo of invincibility and leadership position after the fifth round, the official champion's knowledge that he drastically changed his approach after a shameful week in Birmingham, and the judges the impression that they ruined the holiday.

It ended 2: 2, and it could have been 3: 2 only if the lines hadn't been drawn in the 92nd minute, and as in a math class in the third grade of elementary school, it was determined whether Sadio Mane was offside. Some strange diagrams showed that it was, which is why Michael Oliver annulled Jordan Henderson's goal on the signal from the VAR room and gave the Reds the victory they deserved.

As if, if there was justice, Oliver should have ruled out Jordan Pickford in the early phase of the game, after the shameful start of the Everton goalkeeper over Virgil van Dijk and the injury of the stopper of the visiting team.

The game was outstanding, Oliver and his team disastrous. If there is already a VAR, he had to exclude Pickford, because the English national team player attacked the Dutch stopper as in a horror movie, injured his knee and regardless of the fact that the duel followed after offside - then rulers, compasses and other aids were at work for the first time.

determined Van Dijk's position - a way had to be found to sanction Everton's keeper. Goalkeeper, Pickford kept Carlo Ancelotti's head above the water for a long time. He defended at least two goals - the intervention after Matip's shot in the second half was spectacular - as long as he couldn't do anything.

In the action for the first after the combination of Mohamed Salah and Robert Firmino, the Egyptian's pass followed to the left, Andy Robertson flew like a tan into the penalty area, served Mane, and the winger knocked the ball under the crossbar.

In the second, Salah, as the commentator of the Sports Club Darko Plavšić noticed, was "easy on the trigger", pulled from his knee and with his 100th goal in a red jersey showed that the team from Anfield can be dangerous even when it is not so dominant in the field.

James Rodriguez

Everton is also responsible for that. How much quality James Rodriguez brought was also seen in the Merseyside derby. The Colombian shared the balls, pushed forward, played teammates, threatened from the break and in combination with the solid legs of Doucure, enabled the host to cope equally with the favorite.

At times it even surpasses it. Literally, since he scored both goals from the air. First of all, Michael Keane pierced Adrian's gloves on Rodriguez's throw, and nine minutes after Liverpool's second lead, Dominic Calvert Lewin extended the shot from the beginning of the season after Luke Digne's cross and became the first Everton player after 72 years to be precise in each of the five opening games championships.

His partner in the attack, the Brazilian Richardson, with a careless start in the 90th minute, earned a red card by knocking down Thiago, practically calling on the rival to attack the numerically weaker team. Liverpool accepted the invitation, ran with all their might, scored a goal for 3: 2 through captain Jordan Henderson.

Instead of celebrating him as if someone had poured a bucket of cold water over his head, because based on the lines presented in the television broadcast, there is no evidence that Mane - who delivered the ball to Henderson - was offside. The best league in the world - the worst referees in the world.