Walid Regragui on the match vs Croatia: It is like the booby-prize

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Walid Regragui on the match vs Croatia: It is like the booby-prize

Walid Regragui, coach of Morocco, commented on expectations before a match against Croatia for a 3d place. Regragui believes that both teams are in a 'difficult situation' given the lost semifinals. "It is a little bit difficult,” he said, as quoted by eurosport.com.

"It is very complicated for both teams. You are so disappointed; you have just lost a semi-final and then two days later you have to go back out there.
It is like the booby-prize. I'm sorry for speaking like this. I understand it should be important, I understand it is better to finish third than fourth, but, for me, my takeaway is just that we didn't get to the final.
Even if we did get to the final, and I finished second, I would be saying the same thing to you.
We want to be as positive as possible, especially for our fans.

Finishing third would be great for our image."

Regragui on Morocco team

Although they are in a difficult 'mental' situation, it does not prevent Moroccans to have a motive for victory. They know it would be a great thing for them.

The match against France showed that they did not accidentally come to the semifinals. "I guess it the worst game that we have to play," he added. "But we're still excited to play it despite the disappointment.
We obviously would have liked to be in the actual final but there is third place we play for.

We want to finish on the podium.
It is going to be quite difficult with fatigue, but there are also mental hurdles that we need to overcome. We know that Croatia will also want to finish third. We played them in our first game so it will be a nice finisher.

It will be no walk in the park.
Obviously finishing third is not the same as the finishing fourth and it would be great to take a medal home with us.
We want to ensure that we finish well and my players have digested the defeat by France.
They've got their heads around the fact they are part of the best teams in the world. We need to clear our heads and go into this game with our heads held high."