Koeman: "My job is to get the most out of everyone"

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Koeman: "My job is to get the most out of everyone"

Antoine Griezmann raised a storm in Barcelona after his statements after the match with Croatia at Maksimir, where he was the scorer of one goal and one of the best players in the match. Griezmann described his games with Didier Deschamps with the sentence that the coach knows well which place suits him best and that he enjoys his trust and the trust of his teammates.

More precisely, in France, it suits him much better to play in the middle behind the most advanced player, than in Barcelona, ​​where he plays on the sidelines. "Everyone has the right to say what they want. We know things like that can happen.

I talked to Antoine yesterday afternoon, but not about what he said. We talked about his position and performance as a player. I told him I was looking for the best for the team. And I think his right position is on the right with freedom in the game because he doesn’t play wing.

He plays a lot more inside and can play positions “ten” and “nine”. In the end, I decide what’s best for the team, and then every player has to get the most out of it, ”Koeman said. The experienced strategist does not intend to enter into any discussion with the player but gives him clear guidelines.

"He does the best you can. He tries, be disciplined and happy because of his offensive qualities. There were four or five games from which he had to draw more, but his position still needs to be discussed a lot. When I was a coach, in the Netherlands and France, he played on the right.

Again, there is no need to talk about that topic. "

Koeman on Messi

Koeman avoided questions about whether he would publicly mention Messi's misses against Sevilla, but then made it clear that Griezmann must adjust to the 4-2-3-1 formation he is forcing.

"You don't have to talk so much about individual players. No player can compare to another. For me, there is no topic, it can be much more for you. I have no problem with Antoine. My job is to get the most out of everyone.

We can play in different ways, I put players in their positions. Griezmann can play on the side, he is left-handed and he can answer in that position. In the end, we can't play with 10 players in position ten " The Dutchman believes that players like Lionel Messi are far more suited to be on the field than to take breaks.

So there is no doubt that he will be in the team against Getafe. "I think he can play the next four matches. It always depends on the player. With Leo, as with all the other players, I talk about whether they are tired when I put a team together.

Leo has been playing in a tight schedule for many years. He is a player who is more tired if he doesn't play. He is the winner who wants to play. If there is an injury then it is something else, "Kuman added