Luis Enrique: "In 90 minutes, everything went to hell"

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Luis Enrique: "In 90 minutes, everything went to hell"

Luis Enrique is disappointed after his team (Spain) ended their adventure in the round of 16 of the World Cup. Luis is especially disappointed about the match against Morocco. "In 90 minutes, everything went to hell. It is clear that we did not play a good game against Morocco.
I saw it positively.

Right now, I am calm and satisfied with what we have done. We generated enthusiasm and desire to see the national team.
We have seen it. Many young people and children came to see us at the hotel. We could do better, I am aware, but I tried to take the best players and those who embodied my ideas."- Enrique said on Twitch.

Many people resented him for certain decisions. However, Enrique knows best why he made certain moves. "It consoles me that the same thing happens to others. I don't enter the debate. I respect it," said Enrique.
"I make the decisions with my staff.

Nobody makes recommendations to me, nobody from the press has dedicated even 10 per cent of the hours that my staff and I have dedicated."


His next goal is to find a club that will give him a chance. Enrique hopes that he can implement his ideas.

"I want to coach, I see myself wanting to take on a club and be able to develop with greater finesse and precision what I have not been able to do in the national side," he added.
"I will probably wait for next season. This morning, I was told I've been signed up for a mountain bike race that I'm going to do with my brother." Spanish FA (RFEF) president Luis Rubiales has only words of praise for Enrique and his commitment.

"I've read a lot of stories, that [it] was his Twitch, that it was his bicycle [rides], things like that," Rubiales said.
"But there was nothing like that. The three of us, the outgoing sporting director [Jose Molina], the new sporting director [Albert Luque] and I, we agreed we should start a new project, led by Luis de la Fuente.

There's nothing else.
"The relationship with Luis Enrique is magnificent. We're very grateful to him. There were different conversations. We always said we'd talk after the World Cup.
"He didn't tell me that he wanted to carry on.

The conversation went along other lines, that a project was ending and another was beginning."