Manchester United have extended their contract with Paul Pogba

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Manchester United have extended their contract with Paul Pogba

The focus of the English football public throughout the day was on the last hours of the transfer window between the clubs from England, so somehow the news passed under the radar that Manchester United activated the "+1" clause from Paul Pogba's contract and automatically extended the cooperation until June 2022.

This clause has been inserted as a modus operandi of Manchester United in practically all contracts in recent years, and they made a completely logical move at Old Trafford, considering that Pogba was largely in the last year of cooperation with the Devils.

However, no one can guarantee the French midfielder that he will stay at United until the end, nor is he sure that he wants to be in the same place after those statements that it would be a "dream come true" to wear a Real jersey one day, but Manchester is like this prevented a scenario in which Pogba would have complete freedom to negotiate with employers in January without the club's consent.

Pogba's future and stay at United are talked about practically every month. First, everyone is convinced that he will leave due to negligence and treatment of the game and the jersey he wears, in the next, he is the best player in the world and United has no intention of letting him go.

However, such is Pogba's game from the moment he returned to the club four years ago in a then-record transfer worth over 105,000,000 euros.

Manchester United extends contract with Pogba

Now United has enough time to see what will happen to Pogba, although there is not as much interest in him as in previous years.

Real Madrid has now focused on bringing in Kylian Mbappe and Eduardo Camavinga. Pogba's stay at United could depend a lot on whether Ole Gunnar Solskjer will be fired from Od Trafford. Their relationship has been changeable from the very beginning, and first Solskjer was ready to sell him without pardon so that several good releases would awaken faith that there would be something more, there were even rumors about a new contract so that now the focus of the story was on parting.

Pogba struggled a lot in the era of Jose Mourinho at the Theater of Dreams and practically only at times showed that quality is worth a nine-figure sum of money. Solskjer has a slightly better story now, but he is on thin ice again ... Let us remind you, Pogba is among the highest-paid players in the team with an annual income of around 18,000,000 euros.