Olivier Giroud and Didier Deschamps on impressions after the match

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Olivier Giroud and Didier Deschamps on impressions after the match

France managed to win over England with a score of 2:1. Didier Deschamps' team looked great. Many are optimistic about France, and it is expected that they could eventually win the World Cup. “It was a big game, we played a superb England team who are strong technically and physically,” France manager Deschamps said, as quoted by eurosport.com.

“It's brilliant for the players to be in the last four again. We got a bit lucky although we gave away two penalties but we kept our lead with our hearts and our guts”. Olivier Giroud scored one goal and praised the fight of his team that did not give up.

Of course, they were also lucky. “The match tonight reminded me of the match against Belgium in 2018,” he said.
“We fought tooth and nail, they came back into the match, started to believe but we showed we could be dangerous on the counter attack.
We were a bit lucky because Kane misses the penalty, but we gave our all and fought tooth and nail.

It reminds me of the mentality of 2018. This group deserves to get there."

Jamie Carragher

Jamie Carragher was not happy with certain things with Gareth Southgate. He believes that Southgate could have changed certain things much earlier.

"I think when you lose a game there are always things you can look back on and think you could have done differently," Carragher told Sky Sports.
"I did feel before the game that England had to be brave from the bench in terms of making substitutions.

It just felt that in the period between the two goals [Kane's equaliser and Giroud's winner], I think we could have been braver from the bench.
I certainly think now with five substitutions it's a big part of a manager's role to try and influence and change the game.
I know Southgate's been criticised for that in the past in the games against Croatia [in the 2018 World Cup semi-finals] and Italy [in the 2020 Euros final].
And those changes would've been different because England were basically trying to stop the pressure from the opposition, and both those sides - if we're being honest - were better than us." Jamie Carragher believes that France were not superior in that match.

"I don't think France were better than us last night, and I felt the change should have been to actually go and win the game, not to stop the opposition.
With the strength England have got on the bench - certainly the strongest bench in the competition, I firmly believe that - I just think we could have been a little bit more proactive in that period when it was 1-1, when we were playing really well."