Fernando Santos: "Cristiano Ronaldo is disappointed"

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Fernando Santos: "Cristiano Ronaldo is disappointed"

Fernando Santos, manager of Portugal at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, returns to talk about Cristiano Ronaldo, underlining how the champion who has just been released from Manchester Unitedm is disappointed by the situation.

Santos said: "It's trendy to point the finger at Cristiano Ronaldo.

But he's a great example of professionalism. He warmed up normally with the rest of the team, jumped off the bench on all the goals, and in the end it was he who ask the players to go and say hello to the fans. I've talked to him and I don't talk to all the players, it's true, but he's the captain.

I had to do it because of his professionalism, what he represents for Portugal and for the team. The meeting took place on the day of the match in my office, after lunch. There were no discussions before. I explained to him the reasons for my tactical choice.

Cristiano was very disappointed and obviously he didn't accept this decision, it would have been abnormal the opposite. But he never told me he wanted to leave the Seleçao. It was a normal and serene conversation. Portugal are in the quarter-finals for the first time in a long time, we remain united behind the team.

It's not because Cristian either play or not play that you will play better or worse. The tactic is the same, whether it's there or not, it's been like this since the first game. He has qualities that others don't have and others have qualities that he doesn't have, but the identity of the team is always the same." Meanwhile, Cristiano could indeed end up being a new soccer star in Saudi Arabia.

In recent days, in fact, the Portuguese would have been tempted by a multimillion-dollar offer from Al-Nassr, a team from Riyadh, a club in the capital of Saudi Arabia, coached by Rudi Garcia. According to reports from Marca, the Portuguese star involved in the World Cup in Qatar would have accepted and would be ready to wear this new shirt starting from January 1st.

$200 million a season, most of which is commercial revenue, for two and a half years. These would be the figures offered by the Arabs for the Portuguese champion, who separated from Manchester United at the end of November.