Fernando Santos on Cristiano Ronaldo: He had no issue with my decision


Fernando Santos on Cristiano Ronaldo: He had no issue with my decision

Despite the fact that the Portuguese expert decided to leave Ronaldo on the bench for the match, Fernando Santos, the manager of Portugal, has assured that there is no "bad blood" between him and Ronaldo. As a result, many believe that it is Ronaldo's fault that this happened, but it seems that Santos has decided to give younger players a chance and give them a chance to succeed.

“There is no problem with our captain,” the Portuguese expert said, as quoted by eurosport.com. “We’ve been friends for years. We spoke before the game and he had no issue with my decision. He’s an example”.

Portugal played one of the best matches in the last few years. They looked compact, and great. As if every player did what he was supposed to do. Young Goncalo Ramos was particularly impressive, scoring three goals. "It was a good performance, a great game, the players are to be congratulated," he added.

Santos expected his team to put on a performance of this quality. The players, however, are already focusing on the next match, which will be held in a few days. Despite the fact that many people believe that Portugal will have the easiest challenge due to the fact that they are playing against Morocco, it is still going to be a challenging match.

The Moroccans showed us that they are a team that knows how to play, and their defense looks fantastic as well. They will have to exert themselves to make the most of their opportunity. “They had a very good performance, but now we have to go down to earth.

It was great, it was excellent, but now we have one more game in four days,
"It was game strategy, all the players are different. It was what I thought that we would need for this match against Switzerland."

Goncalo Ramos

Ramos, the scorer of three goals, commented on Ronaldo's absence.

The young attacker has great respect for the Portuguese and everything he has done. "He’s the captain, he’s the leader and we always look forward to playing side by side with him." Pepe looked great even at the age of 39.

He scored a goal, and he was also good in defense. Pepe also only had words of praise for Ronaldo. Ronaldo always gave his best. "Ronaldo is happy and totally focused. He knows the most important thing is the national team."

Cristiano Ronaldo