Fernando Santos on Cristiano Ronaldo's reaction: I didn't like it at all

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Fernando Santos on Cristiano Ronaldo's reaction: I didn't like it at all
Fernando Santos on Cristiano Ronaldo's reaction: I didn't like it at all (Provided by Sport World News)

Fernando Santos, the tenor of Portugal, is obviously not satisfied with Ronaldo and his reaction after he was substituted. “Have I seen the images?” Santos said, as quoted by eurosport.com "YES, I DIDN’T LIKE IT, NOT AT ALL.

I DIDN’T LIKE IT. I REALLY DIDN’T LIKE IT." However, Santos does not want to talk too much about Ronaldo's move, and is focused on the next match that awaits his team. Portugal will have a difficult task, given that Switzerland awaits them, which looks very dangerous.

The Swiss showed in the match against Serbia that they are a serious team and a great danger to all opponents. Santos prepared the team in the right way, and Ronaldo could be the key to his team.
“But from that moment onwards everything is finished regarding that issue.

These matters are resolved behind closed doors. It’s resolved. Full stop on this matter and now everyone is focused on tomorrow’s match”. Many people wonder if Ronaldo will continue to be the captain. The coach of Portugal did not want to talk about it, considering that he does not even know which team will come out tomorrow.

According to many, this means that Ronado could be stripped of the captain's armband. “I only decide who is going to be captain when I reach the stadium,” he replied.
“I still don’t know what the line-up will be.

That’s what I’ve always done and that’s what I’m always going to do and it’s going to be the same tomorrow. The other topic is solved. We have fixed that in-house and that’s it”.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his reaction

Cristiano Ronaldo explained his reaction after leaving the team.

The player of the opposing team is the cause of his frustration. "Before my substitution, one of their players was telling me to leave quickly,” Ronaldo said. “I told him to shut up, he has no authority, he doesn’t have to say anything”.

Portugal is an ambitious team that wants to go all the way. It is especially important for them to reach the end because of Ronaldo, who is only missing the World Cup trophy. We have no doubt that they will do their best to bring the trophy to Portugal, but also to help their teammate achieve his last dream.

They have a quality team that can certainly do a lot, but they are aware of the competition and how many serious teams are next to them. It will be a difficult mission, but not impossible.

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