John Stones on Harry Maguire: "From the first game, he has given the best response"

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John Stones on Harry Maguire: "From the first game, he has given the best response"

Gareth Southgate and his team do not want a repeat of the EURO final when they lost on penalties. "This started four years ago now, when we won our first shootout in I don't know how many years (against Colombia in last 16 of the 2018 World Cup),” Stones told a news conference.
“That was a big thing for us in that World Cup but then in the Euros it didn't work out for us.
We've done a lot of work on penalties, on the small aspects and looked at what we've done in the past.

The individuals needs as well; not everyone is used to taking penalties.
It's a high pressured environment and we're trying to get used to being uncomfortable and making it easier for lads like myself who aren't used to taking penalties so we can be ready, be clinical if we do have to step up."- Stones said, as quoted by John Stones praised his club and country team-mate, Phil Foden, who is really great.

"I've never seen anyone like Phil, at that age, with his ability and his football knowledge,” Stones said.
“It is the freedom in how he plays and how he expresses himself. It is frightening.
I am a huge fan of him.

I am lucky to play with him every day. I am lucky, Man City are lucky and England are lucky. I hope he gets what he needs on and off the pitch to help him play like he did the other night."

John Stones on Harry Maguire

Harry Maguire is another player who is constantly under pressure and there are great expectations from him.

"From the first game, he has given the best response. All three games he has been terrific,” Stones said.
“It is about us finding that partnership again and we have done that so far. It is time for us keep building and improving.

That is great credit to him.
"I have been asked a lot of questions about him, but playing with someone for so many games for England, being through so many moments with him and knowing what he's gone through at his club and it speaks volume about him.
"I still believed in him and all his team-mates did.

There was a lot of noise but he's tried to improve him and he's started the tournament really well. That is great credit to him."