Borja Mayoral apologized for revealing Real Madrid's transfer plan

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Borja Mayoral apologized for revealing Real Madrid's transfer plan

Spanish striker Borja Mayoral raised dust in the homeland with statements about Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane and Jovic. At the end of the transfer window, Mayoral transferred to Roma from Real Madrid on loan, with the Royal Club having a chance to return it.

Throughout the summer, Madrid was uncertain whether Zidane would keep Luka Jovic or Borja Mayoral as a backup option for Karim Benzema in the rush hour. Mayoral is a child of Real, who spent the previous three seasons on loan in Wolfsburg and Levante, and there he affirmed that he is fighting for a place on the Merenges bench this summer.

At one time, the Madrid media claimed that Zidane decided for Mayoral, but in the end, the Serb remained and the Spaniard left the club. The Mayoral himself confirmed something like that with his words at the promotion in Roma.

"When I came to the beginning of the preparations, I wanted to leave Real as soon as possible, but Zidane told me to stay. I told him I wanted to go somewhere where I would have a chance to play. The club listened to Zidane and that is why they wanted to get rid of Jovic.

But everything happened very late in the transfer window and that is why I called Zidane again and asked him to leave the club ", said Mayoral. These words caused a lot of attention in Madrid and the public there, because according to them, it was confirmed that Zidane does not trust the Serbian attacker.

Jovic is certainly under pressure in Madrid because he did not live up to expectations from his arrival a year and a half ago, and this summer the local media moved him to numerous clubs across Europe. Mayoral's words only increased the public's doubts about Jovic's status in Madrid.

But they also created a problem for the club because something came out that should not have come out, considering that Zidane never publicly wrote off Jovic and provided him with support. That is why the Mayoral spoke again with the desire to apologize and sing his words.

"If I have to apologize to Real Madrid or Jovic, I will apologize. If in my statements it seemed that I did not respect Jovic, that is really not the case. I have great respect for Luka. He is a Real Madrid player. We have been training together for the last month and a half and I have never shown disrespect to him, Zidane or the club.


Mayoral admits his mistake

The Spaniard admits that he was wrong to mention Jovic in the context of Real's summer plans. "I shouldn't have talked about Real's business plans. I don’t think people understand the context of my story.

Zidane told me that he was satisfied with me, but I never talked to Zidane specifically about Jovic. I wanted to leave the club at the beginning of the transfer window, but some negotiations failed, so I continued to train."

"Then I had a meeting with Zidane where he told me he was happy with me. I talked to the director Sanchez and Zidane, after which we decided that it was best for me to leave the club. But we did not talk about Jovic, "Borja Mayoral said in a statement for Cadena Ser.

At the end of the transfer window, there was a possibility that Luka Jović would go to Manchester United on loan and that Borja Mayoral would take his place on the Real bench, but the Red Devils still took Edinson Cavani.

"Would I be at Real today if Jovic left? Maybe yes, maybe no… I had a lot of options this summer and I am happy to have finished in Roma. I'm where I need to be. "