Cristiano Ronaldo commented on Manchester United after the victory over Ghana

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Cristiano Ronaldo commented on Manchester United after the victory over Ghana

Cristiano Ronaldo was the scorer in Portugal's victory over Ghana. He is happy about the goal, but Ronaldo is aware that this is the last World Cup for him, and he will do his best to get the trophy he is missing. “This was a beautiful moment… my fifth World Cup,” Ronaldo said, as quoted by

“We won. we started with a very important win. We know the first match is crucial. But also a world record. The first player to score in five World Cups. That makes me proud”. When asked about Manchester United, the Portuguese did not want to say much.

“The most important step is we won. It was a week that finished this chapter.
This chapter is closed.
We wanted to start well. We won, I could help my team. All the rest does not matter”.

Holger Badstuber on the Germany performance

On the other hand, one of the stronger teams of the tournament, Germany, lost to Japan.

Many were shocked by that. The former player of Germany, Holger Badstuber, commented on the performance of the team. "Putting Niklas Sule on as a right-back was a mistake," he said for Eurosport.
"He can play that, but he is a central defender.

He also wants to play inside, you can see that. He feels most comfortable in the centre of defence, that's where he works best.
At a World Cup, players should play where they regularly play at a high level for their club.
When the decisive goal was conceded, Sule overturned the offside and thus started the chain of errors: Asano had a two-metre lead on Nico Schlotterbeck, who in turn relied too much on Manuel Neuer at the end when the angle to the goal became increasingly impossible.
Such individual mistakes are deadly at this level.

Here they led to a deserved defeat." Badstuber believes that the defense was critical. They made a lot of mistakes in the back line, which cost them in the end. "I don't feel any solidarity on the pitch. You can only win a World Cup title with a strong defence.
"The huge holes that existed at the back create spaces for every opponent.

The greater the quality, the better they exploit it. Japan exploited it well and punished it. Especially in the second half, when Japan changed the system and became bolder, the glaring deficiencies became visible.
Japan is peppered with Bundesliga players and is on the whole at an appealing level.

Then they went all out, exerted more pressure with the ball and against the ball and thus created a scoring threat. Germany allowed that to happen. That is negligent - and a pity."