Gareth Southgate reveals what he is not satisfied with

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Gareth Southgate reveals what he is not satisfied with
Gareth Southgate reveals what he is not satisfied with (Provided by Sport World News)

England manager Gareth Southgate is happy after his team's 6:2 victory over Iran. However, what bothers him is the defensive mistakes of his team in certain moments. "I'm a bit fed up with the end of it, really,” he said for BBC.
“[But] to win by that margin and to play like we did for the majority of the game you have to be happy." The goals they conceded were the result of 'relaxation'

Southgate believes that they have to work on it, because they have tough challenges ahead of them. "The first half was sticky with lots of stoppages but our pressing and movement was really good. We shouldn't be conceding two goals at that stage of the game so we will have to be right on our game against the States [on Friday].
We'll have to be better.

We had 24 minutes of added time across the game. The mistakes were a consequence of the scoreline so it's a long time to focus and we lost concentration. When we play at a slower tempo, we're nowhere near as effective." Southgate is satisfied with the performance of his team.

He praised the midfield as well as the forwards. "We've got some good players and today they really delivered. Our attacking players looked a threat throughout the game. The midfield was excellent and the forwards looked a threat.

It was a great marker to put down." One of the best on the field was the young Jude Bellingham. The legend of the Premier League and English football, Alan Shearer praised the great midfielder. “What a performance… incredible,” said Shearer on the BBC.
“It was a complete performance from a really exciting young player.

It had everything. He put in the tackles, his work rate was superb, he got his goal.
It really was a special day for him and England”.

Rio Ferdinand on Bellingham

Rio Ferdinand, former player of England and Manchester United is delighted with Bellingham.

He believes that Jude can achieve a great career. “He was conducting things at times,” said Ferdinand. “At times he is on the edge of their box probing, at times he is deep setting it up from behind. For a young player to be looking at his game and thinking he needs to add this and that, he’s only been playing a few years, you normally do that at 23 or 24!

It will be really interesting to see what kind of player he ends up as because he has so many strings to his bow.
The authority that he plays with on the pitch goes well beyond his years. He's a fabulous footballer but delivering at a World Cup like that at that age.
We talk about the great midfielders that we've played with and seen in England in our generation.

None of them were doing what he's doing at this age, on this stage. I'm not saying he's better or going to be as good as all of them, but at this age, none of them were doing what he is doing and it's just fabulous to see”.