FIFA CEO: "Criticism against Qatar? European hypocrisy"

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FIFA CEO: "Criticism against Qatar? European hypocrisy"
FIFA CEO: "Criticism against Qatar? European hypocrisy" (Provided by Sport World News)

FIFA CEO Gianni Infantino, talked at a press conference about the criticisms received by the organization of the most important sports competition in the world in Qatar, a country that has received a lot of criticism both for the award and for the violations of human rights during the construction works of the facilities, which for issues related to LGBT + rights.

Infantino said: "Today I have good feelings. I feel Qatari, I feel African, I feel Arab, I feel migrant, I feel gay, I feel a migrant worker. I am a child of migrant workers. My parents worked very hard and in difficult conditions.

I remember how immigrants were treated at the borders, when they wanted medical treatment. When I became president of FIFA, I wanted to see the accommodation of foreign workers here and I went back to my childhood. But like Switzerland little by little it has become an example of integration, so it will be for Qatar."

FIFA CEO: "Criticism of Qatar? European hypocrisy"

Infantino then added: "What is happening right now is deeply unfair.

The criticisms of the World Cup are hypocritical. For what we Europeans have done over the past 3,000 years, we should also apologize for the next 3,000 before giving moral lessons to others. We create borders, we make many people illegal trying to enter our countries and many still lose their lives, in Qatar foreign workers have everything, including health care.

These moral lessons are just hypocrisy. I was often bullied as a child for my Italian accent in Switzerland and my red hair, now I'm proud to be here and this event will be the best football show ever. If you are proud of your path and are convinced that it is the right one, you need to help others to follow it. The ban on drinking beer in the plants? Nothing happens for three hours."