Semi-automatic offside at FIFA World Cup 2022

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Semi-automatic offside at FIFA World Cup 2022
Semi-automatic offside at FIFA World Cup 2022 (Provided by Sport World News)

Today they start the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. FIFA presented semi-automatic offside as referee support. The technology allows you to solve any dubious game situations with a three-dimensional animation, automatically generated during the game Furthermore, as happened at the World Cup in Russia, the images analyzed by the Var will appear for the spectators on the monitors of the stadiums once the referees have made their decision.

A valid choice not only for offsides Semi-automated offside consists of twelve cameras installed in the stadium, in addition to those of the TVs, which track 29 data points of each individual player, indicating his position on the pitch with even greater accuracy.

This data is forwarded to an offside AVAR who verifies and communicates the decision to the VAR and the referee on the field.

Semi-automatic offside at FIFA World Cup 2022

With the implementation of this technology, FIFA is also testing the use of 3D animations to illustrate and explain the offside situation.

A novelty broadcast on the big screens and on TV that will allow referees and fans to have a clearer vision of the decision taken. Sebastian Runge, Head of Football Technology at FIFA, told: "We track 50 frames per second, so 50 times per second we know where the players are and we get this information in the system.

We do the same for the ball, so we know where the ball is. and feet and consequently we can assess whether a player is in the game or not." Pierluigi Collina, president of the FIFA Referees Commission, added: "The goal is to have more accurate and faster decisions in the event of an offside.

Someone called it robot offside, but it is not. Referees and assistants are still responsible. of the decision on the pitch. Technology offers them only invaluable support, particularly when the offside situation is very tight and complicated."