Anthony Elanga on Ronaldo's comments: “We are a new generation"

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Anthony Elanga on Ronaldo's comments: “We are a new generation"
Anthony Elanga on Ronaldo's comments: “We are a new generation" (Provided by Sport World News)

Anthony Elanga commented on Cristiano Ronaldo's 'bizarre' interview with Piers Morgan. Cristiano Ronaldo has criticized many people, and at one point he decided to criticize young players too, whom he thinks are not motivated enough to become stars.

The Swede reacted to the Portuguese's statements. “Cristiano talks about young players in general,” Elanga told Swedish outlet Aftonbladet, as quoted by “We are a new generation. I am always 100 percent focused on what I am doing, but I can understand what he is saying.
“There are a lot of phones and a lot of technology.

It's quite easy for young players to get distracted and lose focus. I always focus 100 percent on my job and what I do.
“Young players at United are listening, but I can understand what he is saying”.
Elanga emphasized that many are interested in Ronaldo and the current situation, but that he himself does not know what is happening.

It is obvious that Ronaldo became frustrated considering that he did not play much, and decided to tell everything publicly. One thing is certain; We will not see Ronaldo again in the club. “It is quite difficult,” he said when asked about Ronaldo's interview.
“Everyone has their phones and I have friends in Manchester and in Sweden who want to find out what has happened.

I don't know that myself. I only know what others have heard. Hopefully I will find out the truth.
“I try to switch off. But everyone is curious, my family is almost the worst, they always want to know. That's how it is. I might be able to say more after I get back to the club team and find out what actually happened.

Cristiano Ronaldo

In the end, he emphasized that Ronaldo was an important link in the development of his career. Elanga is a relatively young player, but for now, he promises that he could become a star.
“He has helped me a lot not only on the pitch but off it as well.

He is an inspiration, not only to me but to all the young players at United. Sometimes it’s just me and him at the gym.
“When I’m with him, he hasn’t changed. He is still Cristiano Ronaldo to me. He has helped me a lot,” he added.

The situation with Ronaldo caused a real shock among the fans, and the question is what will happen to Ronaldo's career, more precisely, where will he continue his career.