Cristiano Ronaldo: "Betrayed by Manchester United, I don't respect Ten Hag"


Cristiano Ronaldo: "Betrayed by Manchester United, I don't respect Ten Hag"

Cristiano Ronaldo attacked Manchester United and their manager Erik Ten Hag, in a very tough interview. CR7 was interviewed by Piers Morgan, told: "Betrayed by Manchester United, I don't respect Ten Hag because he doesn't show respect towards me.

If you don't respect me, I will never respect you. I felt betrayed, I perceived that some people don't they wanted me, not only this year but also last year. They made me the black sheep. I talked to the sporting director and the Manchester United president when my daughter got sick.

It was like they didn't believe my words, and this made me feel bad. They listened to me, but it was clear that they doubted my words, that my daughter had big problems, that Georgina was bad for her. father and as husband I could not leave my family at that time.

Not for the preseason. After Sir Alex Ferguson there has been no growth in the club: progress has been zero. It surprised me a lot. An important aspect is been like the A ited sacked Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, to take on a sporting director like Rangnick.

And it is something that no one has understood, he has never been a coach, and it surprised not only me, but the whole world. When I decided to return to Manchester United, I followed my heart. He said to me: It would be impossible for you to go to Manchester City.

And I said: Okay, boss. Wayne Rooney? I don't know why he criticizes me so much, probably because he has finished his career and I still play at a high level. I'm not going to say I'm better off than him. Which is true. I think fans should know the truth.

I want the best for the club. That's why I'm back, but inside there are some things that don't help us reach the highest levels like City, Liverpool and now Arsenal too. A club of this size should be on top and it isn't. Did they force me to leave the club? Yes, not only the manager, but also some other people from the club.

As Picasso said, we must destroy and then rebuild. If they decided to start with me, that's not a problem. The Glazer family? They don't care about the club. He doesn't care about the sport, in my opinion. I never talked to them, they neglected the whole sporting part of the club.

The fans are always right. They know the facts: they want the good of the club as much as I do, which is why I came back here. But certain things happen in society that don't help United reach a high level, the level of City, Liverpool or even Arsenal. "

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