Manchester United legend: Erik ten Hag has shown that he wants discipline

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Manchester United legend: Erik ten Hag has shown that he wants discipline
Manchester United legend: Erik ten Hag has shown that he wants discipline (Provided by Sport World News)

By coming to Manchester United, Erik ten Hag improved many things within the club. Although things are still not ideal, progress is noticeable. There is a lot of talk about how the Dutch wants a discipline and that he is a great authority.

Bryan Robson, United legend, praised Erik ten Haga and his work system. Right from the start, he showed that there are no people who have a 'guaranteed' place in the team. “I got to know Erik ten Hag on the pre-season tour.

We were away for 17, 18 days so on a trip like that you get to meet and get to know the players and staff more than at other times. “Myself, Denis Irwin and Andy Cole (fellow ambassadors) went to all the training sessions so we chatted to the manager and his staff.

I think he will do a really good job for Manchester United, He keeps his feet on the ground and talks a lot of sense. His training sessions were really good. He puts in place exactly what he wants. If the players are a little bit indisciplined off the pitch he soon cracks down on them”.

- Robson said, as quoted by He will get a lot of support from the club and I believe he will do a very good job for us”.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Robson also remembered Sir Alex Ferguson, who was his coach during his playing career.

Alex Ferguson is one of the greatest coaches ever, and United fans still yearn for the times when the Scot made United a great team. It seems that he still has influence within the club, and he still does not miss a single Manchester United match.

“Sir Alex Ferguson is still ‘The Gaffer’, ‘The Boss’, to us all,” Robson explained. “I’m lucky enough because we share the same passion with horse racing that I see him a lot.

With a couple of mutual friends we go maybe to Cheltenham, York, and Aintree racing. “Then I see him on match days at Old Trafford. He still has all that passion and drive about Manchester United and football. I don’t think there’s a player I know who played under ‘The Boss’ who doesn’t call him that or ‘The Gaffer’ now.

“That’s the respect he has got from all the lads who worked under him. He still has that aura and presence no matter where you go. It’s that tremendous respect for him”.

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