Noel Gallagher loves Erling Haaland!

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Noel Gallagher loves Erling Haaland!
Noel Gallagher loves Erling Haaland! (Provided by Sport World News)

In an exclusive interview with Sky Sport, former Oasis rock star Noel Gallagher talked about Manchester City, Erling Haaland and many other topics. He told: "There was a feeling that Erling Haaland was coming, also because what were the alternatives? Ever since we heard he was on the market, we always thought we were in the running to get him.

We could pay for him more than anyone else. When, though. we felt he was really coming we were ecstatic. The team was already great with Guardiola and all the other players. Adding him was incredible. I don't think anyone expected him to be that good.

unbelievable. I thought he might be top scorer, but he has already scored 22 goals, that's ridiculous. After scoring the hat-trick against Nottingham Forest he asked to take a picture with me. I thought: Wow. He's the most normal guy you can get.

just a nice young guy, so quiet, great."

Noel Gallagher loves Erling Haaland!

Then he added: "I must say that they have a really nice group at Etihad. I think that all the teams reflect the coach and Guardiola has a fantastic personality.

When you hear him talking on television he inspires you, I feel inspired by him. It must be incredible for a young boy of about 22 to hear him teach you about soccer. But I must say that all the guys from City are good. I am aware that they know who I am and that they behave differently to me, but you never hear bad stories about them.

If you could choose a player to bring to the City who would it be? Jude Bellingham. I believe that at some point GündoÄŸan will go away and maybe Bernardo Silva too, he will rightly want to go to a warmer place.

I think Bellingham would be perfect for us, he would be perfect for any team, but ours would be incredible. Actually, the person I'd like to see sign is Pep. I would like to see my friend Pep sign a ten year contract and then everything will be fine.

It's a fantasy, but it would be nice for him to sign a new contract before the season ends. If I had to pick a player instead, it would be Bellngham."

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