Erik ten Hag commented on Cristiano Ronaldo's reaction after being subbed

Erik ten Hag also spoke about Anthony Martial

by Sead Dedovic
Erik ten Hag commented on Cristiano Ronaldo's reaction after being subbed

Erik ten Hag commented on the reaction of Cristiano Ronaldo, who was angry after the Dutchman decided to take him out of the game. "I think no player is happy when he [is taken] off, and especially not Ronaldo, I understand that,” said Ten Hag for
“As long as it is [done] in quite a normal way, [I have] no problem with that”.

Erik ten Hag also spoke about Anthony Martial, who will be missing from the team in the match against Tottenham. "Anthony Martial, he is not available,” confirmed Ten Hag. “He is back on the pitch but not in the team training.

Christian Eriksen returned in the team training today and we have to see how that works out, how he will recover, whether tomorrow he has the energy. So we have to wait for that.
"From the start of the season, tried to plan the overload of players.

You see around, with many clubs now, injuries are coming up. And you can't avoid everything because it's top football. In top football, they go to the limits and injuries will come”.

Jurgen Klopp

On the other hand, the match between Manchester City and Liverpool caused a lot of reactions.

Jurgen Klopp's statement that "nobody can compete with City" was misinterpreted, and Klopp explained what he meant; "In this specific case, I don't feel hit at all," the German said.
"I know myself and you cannot hit me with something that is miles away from my personality.
"If I would be like this, I actually can't remember the word [xenophobic], I would hate myself for being like this.
"A lot of times I say things that are open for misunderstanding, I know it, but it's not intentional.

Sometimes you say things and then later you realise 'oh my God! that could be understood [differently]' but this is not one of those times. It was not.
"Obviously, not all of you journalists see it the same way. Some chief writers see it differently.

It's an open world, obviously, and we can have different views. That is how it is, so nothing else to say." Klopp has been misunderstood many times before, so he is not surprised by such reactions. "That is [the] life of people who speak in public," he said.

"It is not the first time I am misunderstood. I know what I thought when I said it. When someone misunderstands, I cannot help that.

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