Kylian Mbappe on rumors that he is dissatisfied: I was as shocked as everyone

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Kylian Mbappe on rumors that he is dissatisfied: I was as shocked as everyone

Kylian Mbappe seems angry at rumors that he has asked to leave PSG. Mbappe himself was left shocked by this, given that he did not question his stay. “I am very happy.
"I have never asked to leave in January.
"I didn't understand why the story came out on the day of a game.

I was as shocked as everyone. People can think I was involved but I wasn't at all, I was taking a nap.
"My entourage was at my little brother's game, all the people who take care of me weren't there, so we were flabbergasted when we found out."

- he said, as quoted by "Afterwards, we had to deal with it, there was a game to play. Just to say it's completely wrong, and I'm very happy." Kylian Mbappe and rumors The Frenchman does not want to bother with rumors and things that can harm him "I am a football player, the most important thing for me is to play and give my best on the pitch.

If I start spreading myself too thin, I will get tired very quickly. He knew what coming to PSG meant. "When you play at PSG, you know what you're getting into, what it's going to involve in the good and in the bad.

You have to be ready.
"Those who come here know, we warn them. We're right in it at the moment, but we are focused on winning games and titles."

Mbappe as striker

Mbappe was happy after the win against Marseille.

There were also rumors that he was unhappy with the fact that he had to play as a striker. Mbappe also denied that. He is ready to play any position the coach decides. It seems that he respects the coach's decisions and wants to help his team.

“You have to adapt,” Mbappé told reporters (h/t RMC Sport). “The coach decided to play like that, he explained to us, we worked the week, we play like that. Say if you are right or not, well today we were right to change the system”.

“As in the other system, I followed the coach’s instructions; I did everything he asked of me, as I think all the players. On arrival, we managed to win this match, we are very happy”. PSG has a strong team, and although they are not convincing at the very beginning of the season, more was expected, but the season is long and it is certain that they are one of the favorites for the Champions League.