Richarlison in 'fear' of not playing at the World Cup!


Richarlison in 'fear' of not playing at the World Cup!

Richarlison suffered a serious injury in the match against Everton, which scares him. He hopes that he could still recover because his biggest fear is that he will not play in the World Cup. "It’s so close to the realisation of my dream [playing at the World Cup].

I’ve already suffered a similar injury to this, but I hope it can heal as soon as possible,” he said to ESPN Brazil. The Brazilian wants to stay positive and hopes that things can be good for him. He remains to be tested.

The goal is to determine the severity of the injury and return to the field. "It's hard to talk at this moment, but let's see, I'll recover. Monday, I have tests to do, but even walking hurts. Let's wait. I have to stay positive if I want to go to Qatar.
"It's all so close, it's about a month to go, and we've been getting ready, working every day so that nothing serious can happen.

Unfortunately, I had this calf injury, but now it's just a matter of waiting, doing the treatment every day so that I can recover as soon as possible."

Antonio Conte on Richarlison

Tottenham coach Antonio Conte still does not know how serious the injury is.

"He's out against Manchester United, for sure. He felt something in his calf, and he won't be available for that game. I don't know [the extent of the injury], but I think he needs a bit of time to recover. It's a pity because we are talking about a player that gives us a lot of quality but at the same time also is strong, and he improves our intensity." The Italian was pleased with his team's performance as they secured a 2-0 victory.

Conte wanted every player to give their maximum, which happened in the end. Ivan Perisic was one of the best on the field and impressed many with his performance. He is expected to continue at the same pace in the sequel.
“Also, Ivan Perisic today played in the way that I know him.

“Also Ivan for his injury before he struggled a bit to have a good performance. Yes normal performance but my expectation about him are like today, to play like the top”. Tottenham will have interesting challenges in the rest of the season, but the beginning of the season promises that they could achieve great success.