Milan went furiously for Milenkovic

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Milan went furiously for Milenkovic

Milan's hopes of hiring Serbian stopper Nikola Milenković have been smoldering all summer, but the price of 40,000,000 euros set by Fiorentina was an insurmountable obstacle for the Rossoneri. Milan could have offered around 25,000,000 euros and did not even approach serious negotiations.

But Milan did not give up on him, and as time goes on, the chances for the transfer will increase. The Serb is by far the biggest wish of director Maldini and coach Pioli, who launched him in Florence. They believe that there is no better solution for Rossoneri's defensive wall and see Milenković as an ideal partner for captain Romagnoli in tandem, which should be the pillar of Milan in the coming years.

And the price of the Serbian national team player will certainly be lower than this summer. He made it clear to Fiorentina that he does not want to extend the contract that expires in 2022 and according to which he is one of the lowest-paid players in the team with an annual salary of 800,000 euros.

Contract extend

Fiorentina could have offered him the raise he deserved much earlier, but they didn't. Milenković now has no obligation to extend the contract, although the director of Fiorentina Daniel Prade will try with the next and last offer to extend the cooperation.

All indications are that Milenković will not sign a new contract and that Fiorentina will have to sell him next winter or next summer in order not to be left without compensation in 2022. Milan is waiting for that chance and knows that Fiorentina must now reduce the price from those 40,000,000 euros.

Not so drastically, but they will have to. In the meantime, Milan additionally relieved the budget and created space for Milenković's purchase and contract. Maybe for the January transfer period. A lot will depend on Milan's results in the first part of the season.

If the Rossoneri are among the top four on the table with a probable chance of finally returning to the Champions League, and if they pass the group in the Europa League, the management will be forced to "honor" Maldini and Pioli with great players.

In addition to Milan, Inter was also seriously interested in the Serbian national team player at the end of the transfer window. Especially their director, who sees a long-term solution and capital in Milenkovic. Coach Conte was not so interested because he had some ideas of his own, such as Smalling or Rudiger.

In the end, no one bought him because the condition for bringing in a central defender was for Inter to sell Skriniar. Marotta did not give up on Milenković, but next summer, that story will also depend on the sale of Skriniar or some other more expensive name from the defense. Until then, Milan could finish the job…