"You can't find a good restaurant in Manchester," said famous wags

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"You can't find a good restaurant in Manchester," said famous wags

In an article, the Sun, pointed out to the model and influencer that in a period of economic and raw materials crisis at an international level, it may not be easy to find what you need. But after the woman's piqued response, local restaurants flared up with controversy on social media, and attacked the woman for her statements.

Gundogan is a complete midfielder, very good technically, as well as skilled in making tight and through passes, and having a good attitude in attacking insertions. He is a very elegant player and has his best weapon in his vision of the game, expanding the maneuver and throwing his teammates towards the goal.

He is also very good at reading the game and playing times. He prefers the role of central, but during his career he has effectively covered all the roles of the midfield, serving as an assists to his teammates as a playmaker and breaking up the opponent's game as a midfielder.

But what happened?

Sara Arfaoui, the wife of Ilkay Gundogan, midfielder of Manchester City and the German national team, has made sensational statements that have created an uproar in Manchester, surprisingly with regard to catering and gastronomic products.

On an Instagram story, the 27-year-old model and influencer wrote in response to a follower: "I'm sorry, I'll be honest, but I haven't found a place. I've tried so hard to find a good restaurant, but the food is horrible everywhere.

You can't find a place. real Italian restaurant or good sushi, or just fresh food, it's all frozen. Restaurants here are only focused on making money on drinks and shots like night clubs do, not on quality food. is, in Manchester no." One of the local restaurateurs, very angry at the model's statements, responded by asking the woman to find out more about her.

However, wife Ilkay Gundogan responded to the restaurateur rather aggressively: "So since we are successful people can't we give our honest opinion? I've tried all the best restaurants here, but for me it's a no, I can't tell lies. Unfortunately I'm used to Italy so you can imagine how difficult it is to make comparisons."

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