Erik ten Hag on Cristiano Ronaldo: "We have a certain demand on players"

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Erik ten Hag on Cristiano Ronaldo: "We have a certain demand on players"

Cristiano Ronaldo is not playing like the previous seasons. He gets less and less minutes, which is very frustrating for him. Erik ten Hag, United's manager commented on Ronaldo and what he wants from him. "I want to support him as much as possible," Ten Hag told reporters, as quoted by
"We have a certain demand on players, what we expect from them, in certain positions on the pitch.
I want to get the best out of him, he is getting into better shape now and he can contribute more to the squad.
At the start, it was the case [lack of fitness], it's proven once again, no one can miss a pre-season." One of the players who looks great this year is Antony Martial.

However, his often injuries are the biggest problem. And this time he was injured "I want every player available, sometimes it is disappointing when they are not. I know we need him with all the games coming up.
"But when players aren't available, it is about dealing with the situation.

It is about the players who are available."

Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Glazers

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who has been linked with Manchester United, talked about an offer to take over the club, but the Glazers rejected it. "I’m a lifelong Manchester United fan.

And I was there in that most remarkable match in 1999 in Barcelona, which is deeply etched in my mind.
"Manchester United is owned by the Glazer family. I met Joel and Avram, and they are the nicest people. They are gentlemen.

And they don’t want to sell.
"And it’s owned by the six children of the father, and they don’t want to sell.
"If it had been for sale in the summer, yes, we would probably have had a go following on from the Chelsea thing.

But we can’t sit around hoping that one day Manchester United will become available”. Ratcliffe also talked about other options, and one of the clubs he could take over is Nice. "The most popular sport in the world is football and it is the sport closest to us, so we should have an asset”.

He said: “Well not a Premier League, a premier club. I think Nice has got a very interesting history. It’s an old club and it is a very attractive place for footballers as there is a Californian climate down there”.

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